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AXIAL M4 Serrated Nylon Lock Nut (Black) (10pcs) AX31250

AXIAL M4 Serrated Nylon Lock Nut (Black) (10pcs) AX31250

Ever had a wheel nut come loose on the trail? Not fun, and it can leave

you out of commission for the rest of the day. These wheel nuts help eliminate this problem when you are deep in the woods. The

one-way machined serrated flange helps prevent wheels from coming

loose on the trail, by biting into the wheel as you tighten them down.

Great for both plastic and aluminum wheels. Add some peace of mind to

your ride!!

• M4 Nylon Locking Hex Nut (Black) (10pcs)
• Precision hex head for the best fit which helps prevent stripping
• Made from durable black coated steel

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