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HR/Hot Racing Aluminum Battery Water Cooler Traxxas Dcb M41 Spartan SPN126WC

HR/Hot Racing Aluminum Battery Water Cooler Traxxas Dcb M41 Spartan SPN126WC

Hot Racing aluminum water cooled battery plate kit for the Traxxas DCB M41 and Spartan. This kit provides a constant heatsink to help reduce battery temperatures due to high loads. Cool water is circulated through the sealed channeled plate via a venturi pick-up at the stern of the boat. The warmed water is then discharged via the included water outlet.


- Heat energy constantly sinked away from batteries via cool circulating water
- Large plates to cover large batteries
- CNC machined aluminum alloy for reduced weight and increased heat transfer
- Factory RTV silicone permanent seal
- Dual water pickup for optimal cooling
- CNC machined, blue anodized, hose clamps and dual water outlet
- Stainless steel hardware
- Compatible with almost all batteries


- Two (2) cooling plates with nipples
- Tubing (trim as needed)
- Two (2) aluminum tubing clamps
- One (1) aluminum water outlet
- Two (2) stainless steel water pick-ups
- Hardware


- Plate size: 147x49x6.6mm
- Total kit weight: 162g


- Drilling four holes in stern of boat. Two to route water inlet tubes. Two for the tubing clamp screws.
- Drilling two holes in hull of boat to accommodate dual water outlet
- Aluminum Hot Racing SPN28WL06 cooling hose ferrules are not included in this kit and may be purchased seperately


- Warning: the water cooler is factory sealed and should not be opened

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