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Hyperion 2S 7.6V 5200mAh #5200MAH

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Hyperion 2S 7.6V 5200mAh #5200MAH

Hyperion 2S 7.6V 5200mAh #5200MAH

  • Availability: 1
    Brand: Hyperion
  • $43.00
  • Hyperion G6 HV Lipo offer more capacity per weight compared to standard LiPo packs. The G6 5200mAh HV is about the same size and weight as a standard-voltage 4700mAh pack of same C-rate, but delivers about 10% more run time!


    Part Number: HP-HC60C5200S2



    Comparing equal Size, Weight and C-Rate performance, the G6 HV 3.8V 5200mAh packs replace Standard 3.7V Lipo Packs of about 4700mAh capacity.
    With Hyperion G6 HvLi, you have two good options. When charged at standard lipo terminal voltage of 4.20V/cell, they deliver the same capacity as standard lipo packs of the same weight and size. Or when charged to 4.35V/cell maximum, the G6 HV packs deliver about 10% longer run times. 

    These Packs employ ROAR-Style 4mm Main +/- Socket connectors, with a single 2mm balance wire socket.
    See the "Manuals & Support" tab for a link to full specifications for the G6 HV lineup. 

    Hyperion spent all of 2014 developing and testing the G6 HV series, and created the world's highest-performance, longest-lasting HV lithium packs. The G6 utilize a unique Hybrid RS cell structure and rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Control to provide the excellent cycle life and consistancy from pack to pack for which Hyperion is well known. 

    Continous C-Rate for 100% rated capacity delivery is 1/2 C-Max rate. 

    Firmware updates which include a new HV Lipo Charge Mode for these Hyperion chargers are available at EOS0720I-AD, EOS0730I, EOS0720iSDUO3



    • Type: For Car, ROAR Race Configuration
    • Capacity: 5200mah
    • Voltage: 2S, 7.6v nominal
    • Discharge Rate: 60Cmax (60C burst, 30C continuous)
    • Charge Rate: 6C maximum, 5C recommended
    • Weight: 248 grams
    • Dimensions: 137 x 46.5 x 23mmmm
    • Power Connector: 2x 4mm
    • Balance Connector: 1x 2mm
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