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MAD VS4-10 Scale Dashboard Kit Set (Assembled Complete version)

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MAD VS4-10 Scale Dashboard Kit Set (Assembled Complete version)

MAD VS4-10 Scale Dashboard Kit Set (Assembled Complete version)

  • Availability: 4
    Brand: MAD NGH
  • $99.99
  • MAD NGH VS4-10 Scale Dashboard Kit Set 

    Overall Assembly

    Users can DIY painting color according to your preferences.

    Expanded control levers and pedals

    based on original accessories

    Light weight, overall kit is only 28Grams

    Integrated PCB makes instrument panel lighting easy

    Standard includes Integrated PCB

    Armrest box that can be opened and with self-locking

    Modular installation

    All components are properly protected and packaged

    Standard with micro fan 

    For dynamic scale of vent

    Single-line connection for friendly use

    User-friendly, related tools included


    Dashboard main body x1
    Dashboard Spare parts x2
    PH00 driver set x1
    Angled-tweezers x1
    Dash sticker x1
    Console Metal Emblem Set x1
    Integrated PCB x1
    1.7cm micro fan x1
    Device Connector package x1
    M1x50 Steel rod x1
    M1.2x14 micro spring x2
    M1x3 Cross screw x18
    M1.4x14 Flat Head cross screw x1
    M1.6x6 Hex Bolts x6
    M1.6x6 Cap hex screw x2
    M2x10 screw x2
    M2.5x3 Hex Screw x2

    This product is small in size, high in fineness, do not use too vigorously when assembling, to avoid causing component damage. If you have difficulty with precision assembly, you can use experienced user assistance.

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