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Vanquish Products 1.9 Aluminum KMC KM236 Tank Beadlock Wheels

  • Officially licensed KMC Wheels
  • These wheels pair well with Vanquish Products Center Hubs VPS07720 and VPS07721
  • 1.0" wide wheel at bead surface (1.2" to outside of beadlock rings)

Includes the following:

  • 2pcs KMC 1.9 KM236 Tank Front Rings
  • 2pcs Rear Rings
  • 2pcs Beadlock Rings
  • 2pcs Molded Clamp Rings 
  • 1pc Screw Kit VPS05000
  • 1pc Instructions Sheet

Requires SLW Hubs

  • Raw Aluminum Hubs
  • Black Aluminum Hubs
  • Brass Hubs

Optional Parts

  • IFR Inner Rings
  • Stainless Steel Brake Weights
  • Brass Clamp Rings (1.0")
  • Scale Hardware

Due to the nature of anodizing aluminum, the shade of color may differ from the image shown.

Vanquish Products VPS07783 KMC 1.9 KM236 TANK RED ANODIZED

SKU: VPS07783

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